Somer and Aurora

Aurora has so much personality. But she mostly showed her mom her sass more than me. More than once when I went behind a light to adjust it she would do some sort of crazy funny pose for her mom and then go back to normal when I peeked out at her. So funny! She was a great little poser and allowed me to pose her anyway I wanted! I wrote some notes on some of the pictures to tell you what I thought!

This picture is to die for-she is like a little model!

Click on this to really see it...the aliens are coming...

I love this composite with her hair flying everywhere and I mostly love the last pose where you can just imagine her imaginary audience that she is saying "TA-DA!" to.


Somer said...

We loved this photo session with Mary! She was so much fun and made Aurora feel so comfortable while taking shots. Thanks again!
Somer Schmidt

Nicole Smith said...

SO SO CUTE!!! She looks like a little model...Mary is the best!

Eliora said...

Wowzers. I cant believe how cute these pictures are. Nice job Aurora. You are not camera shy. I am fianlly getting to see these because i am at the library. We cant wait to see you guys this christmas hopefully!
love eliora