Katie and TC's engagement photos

Katie and TC, two Seattletonians...or whatever you call people from Seattle are getting married in December in, surprise, Seattle! They have asked me to document their big day--which might be very big since they will both have a lot of friends and family close by that are able to come. They were very photogenic and had great style, making the whole experience just great. We used a lot of places that I found in our new area and were really fun-thanks to them for being adventurous...I'm still really sorry about your muddy shoes TC. I think their wedding will be very exciting, especially since I've never been to Seattle before! And how lucky is she? Her mom is a wonderful seamstress and is making her dress...that is sweet.

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Roxanne said...

Mary, your photography is AMAZING! We're thrilled that you'll be doing the wedding. Katie said you were GREAT to work with--very fun and very creative.