Kelty, Matt and Jessica

Taking these pictures was a blast! Kelty is the daughter of our good friends and she is so fun! My favorite thing about her is that if someone tells her to "dance", almost on command she'll start shrugging her shoulders all the way up to her ears--it is so cute! These are her one year old pictures, she'll be there in a couple weeks. She was so full of energy and wanted to go just about anywhere but where we wanted her, until she fell in love with the big black chair I have. Then she was a great model and we got some really great shots...especially the one where she has her arms up on the back of the chair just chillin. I love it! And how adorable is her pumpkin Halloween costume! She had a hard time finding her fingers in there to eat our bribes!

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Kate said...

cute cute! When are you going to come take lucas' one year pictures??? We miss you.