The Bergstrom Family, Marilee, Brian, Layla, Isabel

Okay, most pictures days are extremely stressful for the parents...the whole, don't spill on your clothes until after we're done, don't touch your hair, don't scratch your face, don't fall down and get bruised, etc...but how about this--they drove from Idaho starting at like 5 in the morning to come take pictures...but, the girls didn't really sleep on the drive down! So you would think disaster with a 15 month old and a two and half year old, but NO, they were great! They were better than most kids their age who were fully rested! And we pushed a lot out of them, I think we took pictures for like 2 hours or so. They were so fun and Marilee and Brian were so helpful. Talk about personality...they both are so funny! And they both have huge puppy dog eyes, you'll see some somber pictures of them down there that really accentuate their huge, adorable eyes! There are two pictures that I had to put in color and in black and white because I couldn't decide which I liked more. The picture of Isabel on the pink rug is like a Baby Gap model. And the one with Layla's foot in the picture makes me laugh everytime I look at it. They were so fun and it was great to have old friends come down and visit!

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Marilee said...

Thanks for doing our pictures... they came out better than I even hoped for. You really got their personalities on film and that is the best! Thanks and love ya!