The Whites

Not only are these two some of our greatest friends, but they are also expecting a darling little boy! I am so excited to meet him!










Kristi said...

I check your blog about every time I'm online for updates- this was a fun surprise! Not what I expected. Although it was funny the guy next to me was looking at what I was (over my shoulder) and he said, "Wow, she made you look GOOD."

Not sure how to take that... awkward/creep/flattery?

HOWEVER that being said you do have a way of making things look great :) Thanks for doing this, we had a blast.

Teandra said...

They look great! and so do you Kristi ;) can't wait for the baby either.

Anna said...

We totally know Kristi from Liberty Square! How fun to see these. Say hi to her from Mike and Anna. As usual, you did an incredible job. I just wanted to say thank you again for the photos of Amaya and Jay. Every time I look at them I can't believe how great they turned out. I will always treasure the photos you have taken of my kids! Next time we need to do a family session. Also, if you're ever in Tucson I'd love to hire you to decorate my home :)