I am freaking out! Somehow I lost all my appointments that I've made in the past few weeks. And unfortunately it's quite a few. Check your email-- if we have something scheduled I probably wrote you so please let me know the date, location and time. If you didn't get an email from me please let me know your appointment and time. Email me at photographybydmc@gmail.com

I think I recovered most of my appointments, but those that I set up the appointment over the phone where email wasn't involved are the ones I really don't have any record of.

I am so sorry! Thanks for working with me! Please let me know ASAP--everything from viewing appointments to newborns scheduled out.


Heather Sellers said...

That stinks! I am sorry! I know for me it's easiest to have all my appointments in atleast two places. Have you tried using google calenders? It is very handy and that way you have it in your phone and on that. You could also put a calender up on your fridge with all your appointments. I hope you recover everything!

DMC Studios said...

Thank you all for your quick responses. I'm changing my calendaring program to avoid this headache and panic in the future.