In memory...

...of Chris Gardner who passed away this weekend in a four-wheeling accident. He raised a wonderful son who will undoubtedly make our sister Heather happy for the rest of her life.


...and of Doug Beck. It feels weird to call him anything but brother Beck. He will be sorely missed. But we will always sing "If You Could Hie To Kolob" in his memory.


To both families that I love dearly, our prayers are sent your way. We are so sad that two great men have left this earth. And our prayers are sent Wendy's way who is still recovering from the accident. We love you all.


Kate said...

Just when I thought my tears were all gone. I was wrong, but I'm glad you posted this. My heart goes out to both families and all who love them.

The Chrissy Herself said...

That is horrible news. I am so sorry for their losses! My prayers are with them at this time.

heidi said...

mary, i am stealing this picture. i think you were inspired to post this. i couldn't find many pictures of my dad that were blog ready. thank you so much.