What to Wear Inspiration Board-Gray and Purple.

Almost every family session I book follows with the question of what should we wear? Or what looks good? So I thought I would start doing Inspiration Boards like weddings but for family portraits. Today's will be gray and purple. The greatest part about gray is that you could pair just about any color with it, so if you don't like purple go with yellow, black, maroon, whatever. Here are some ideas for mom, dad, girl, boy, baby girl, and baby boy. Biggest advice I have is to dress from head to toe, including socs and shoes. Here ya go! Tell me what you think or if you'd like to see a certain color combo together I'll make a board for it!

Fave item in this set the model's thighs--just kidding kind of. But really the ruffled shirt for mom--love the color!

Fave item in this set is the knit girl's dress. Darling.

Fave item in this set is the ruffled huggalugs. Fancy leg warmers!


Jenelle said...

It's a great idea to do these boards, Mary! Love it. It's funny cuz I was just going to call you and ask what Madi should wear for her 2 yr old pics! Wish we weren't 2,000 miles away so you could take them!

The Pizza Family said...

K i love this!! But now I want all of the stuff on there.. Where did you find some of these?? CUTE STUFF!

DMC Studios said...

You guys are too nice! Most of the clothes were found on jcrew, crewcuts, gap, old navy, headbands on etsy, shoes on piperlime, huggalugs at several online distributors (I think also at trendy tots at riverwoods). Let me know if you have any other questions.

heidi said...

mary! please do a red and black and white family! my husband will only wear those colors and i am sick to death of them.

DMC Studios said...

Okay. It'll be after the camel board coming next.