My weekend = shooting and coughing...

...and it was the best weekend ever. Here's a quick summary of the past few days...I only have enough time to load pictures off a card before I need to erase them and shoot another appointment, except these few photos below. I can't wait to actually sit down with these pics and edit!

To start with, Keith Bryce's Big Bang Workshop was even bigger and bangier than I could have imagined. It was Awesome with a capital A. I couldn't stop coughing the whole time as pictured below...me coughing into my elbow in a corner. Yikes.

(photo taken from Kara Silva's album on Facebook)

I will post a lot more pictures soon, but I just haven't had time yet.










Weren't these models out of control?!

Now onto Heather and Cayl's engagements. It was so summery and California-y. Just perfect.




Then I took pictures of my headbands on 6 darling little girls, here's Eliza. Could she be any more perfect. Look at her huge eyes and teeny mouth!


Then I took Seneca and her 3 cousins' pictures afterward (cousins not pictured---yet). She was one month old and was a dream--how? I don't know.


Then I took Ben and his little sis' pictures this morning and she was an absolute dream too! Only 8 days old.


I'm ALMOST finished loading all the pics, so there will be lots to come...so...hold on to yer butts.


Courtney said...

Love them all! Keep 'em coming! I'm going to be calling you soon. Linley is 6 months and we need more pictures!

Marci said...

Where did you get that cup????

DMC Studios said...

Courtney--I can't believe she's already that old!!! Crazy!

Marci--Nikki got it for me!

Lindsay said...

oh my gosh.. i want to EAT that baby in that tea cup!!! she's SO CUTE! good job mary. ps. do you remember me from BYU?

DMC Studios said...

Lindsay! I do remember you! Did I steal your Color-aid paper? Was that you or am I making this up? Please say I found you and wrote you a check for the almost full Color-aid box sitting in my art supplies. Hopefully that wasn't you. Some things are so hazy to me now. Maybe some things are because they involve thievery.

I just stalked all your blogs and etsy site and everything. I LURVE what you do! Holy freak. I need both the onesies that you sold and the New Moon t-shirt for my little sis. And all my beehives. And I was stalking through your family blog and somehow came upon your ear post and I watched the video and I was crying. For real. Crazy lady. That is so awesome and what a great idea to tape it! I probably should be writing this on your blog. I'll copy and paste!