Inspiration Board-Brown, white, bright yellow

For mom I threw in heels and flats because I do realize that just because I don't wear heels, doesn't mean others don't.

Fave item in this set: mom's necklace---gorgeous!


Fave item in this set: boy's jeans and girl's dress--lovey love love.


Fave item in this set: Baby girl's shoes available at Sassy Baby at Gardner Village.



Jenelle said...

Okay, so now on top of photography AND the clothing/hair accessory business you NEED to start, you now must ALSO be a fashion consultant on the side. Because you are AMAZING. Sheer talent, Mar, sheer talent.

Miquel said...

OH these outfits are so cute!! I have to know where you found the baby boy stuff??

DMC Studios said...

Miquel-I am pretty sure most of them are from gap and JCrew crewcuts. The shoes might be from Piperlime. You know your little guy would rock that t-shirt!