Danny and I. Christmas card shoot.

I know we have no kids yet so maybe it's tacky to send out cards of ourselves, but hey--it's my business (like my living not mind-your-own-business business)! I'm trying to not be so much like the cobbler's kids that had no shoes so at least ONCE a year I know we'll have pictures of ourselves. I did my hair straight this time. Do you think I'll be recognized? Hopefully. I mean the last picture of us jumping is how my curly hair usually looks--out of control. And I'm still jealous of Danny's height in the jump--what a rockstar!

And next year I'll buy new jeans first.

Oh yeah and my talented little sister took these for us! Go Kasey! She's applying to the photography program in January at the Y--wish her luck!









Tricia L said...

Totally jealous of your insane hawtness...seriously. You are absolutely gorgeous and you and Danny make pretty much the most beautiful couple EVER. Right above Tim and me.

Katie Boyack said...

I don't think it's tacky...I think it's AWESOME! :) They all look amazing.

Matt and Suzanne said...

Mary, these look so great. Love your hair too! You look gorgeous!!!

Anna said...

Wow! I love these! You two are such a very handsome couple. If it's tacky to send out cards pre-kids then Mike and I fall in the category too :) Merry Christmas!

The Pizza Family said...

Love them.. I think my favorite is the one of you laying down!! Love them!!

Kimberly and Nathan said...

Wow! You both are so pretty! I like the one on the bench best. And if you wanted to give me that rose ring, that'd be really awesome.... or at least let me borrow it. :)

Steve and Nikki said...

Geez, could you two BE anymore attractive? And ditto on the rose ring

DMC Studios said...

Wow thanks everyone! I feel like I rarely get comments on my blog so this makes me feel good!

I couldn't find the ring I got, but here are a few links to some others that are equally as cute and super affordable!






emily said...

you guys are cute enough to send out pics of yourselves.

Julianne said...

You guys are HOTTT. Triple "T". Really and truly.

Courtney said...

Love them! And, I loved the Christmas card.