It's hard to say goodbye.

It was time. They have 807 tracked miles on them plus over 100 different workout classes. These shoes have seen me through a lot. They are my buddies. We've had our ups and downs, but usually we end our time together happily. And we've had lots of friends join us along the way-- Julianne, Heather (bub), Nina, Kristi, Krista, Nikki, Steve, Emily, Jayme, Lucas, Kate. The last two on the list were the happiest to join me because they were in a stroller.


Thanks for running with me.


But those shoes are going to move down the line and become mowing sneakers because the sole was ripping. So please get to know my newest friends. We got acquainted today and although we already have fought for a bit, I think we'll be friends for a while. Join us anytime.



Marci said...

Mare...you have such cute little ankles...all of you Shaffer gals do.

Steve and Nikki said...


Steve and Nikki said...

IT'S MOM...I shed a tear for your loss of a friend. I have done the same transition several times in my life. I still remember my Billie Jean King shoes from Adidas when I was 15. 90 million tennis hours on them. PS love the color photo of the old ones.

Kristi said...

Ha! Mary I don't think my name deserves to be up there. I think I made it like, what, 0.25 miles? Ha ha. Maybe its not mine, there are other Kristi's in the world I am aware. :)

Dang you had lime green on your shoes too and I never had a chance to name-call or bully them. Yours will actually BE mow-the-lawn-shoes. That stupid soccer meanie. Nice that I am not over it :)

Anyway, you should wear these to our next Zumba class. It will help us shake our bon bons.

Heather and Ben said...

Pick me, pick me. I want to go running with you!! Sweet new kicks Mare.
It's really pretty in Vermont these days....great running weather...with lots of ideal fall foliage to photograph along the way!

Jeff and Jenn said...

Aw. At least you immortalized those little babes on your blog. :) I had to say goodbye to running shoes permenantely (I am positive that's not how it's spelled though) and it was crushing!