Kim and Nathan's Wedding at St. Louis

Kim and Nathan's wedding was the hottest wedding I've ever shot! Everyone was melting! Luckily, the bride and groom looked great for all the shots! It was 95 degrees with crazy humidity in St. Louis, but it didn't stop Kim and Nathan from shining with happiness--they were so cute in love. It was such a great experience, just a little hard to take pictures of myself.


Kate said...

Kim looks beautiful! I can't believe how grown up Kasey (sp?) is! I didn't recognize her, and thought, who is that? The pictures are beautiful. Too bad you weren't around to take my photos. Now, remember... work on getting yourself invited to Maryland!

Preemie cuties said...

Kim is beautiful I love the pictures. I wish I had been there to see her. Looks like she is so happy!